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Father's Day Recommendations

June 09, 2020

We have a lot of things in store for Father's Day!

Board Games

Wonderland will be open for retail (and coffee/tea/drinks to go) on Fridays 2-6 PM, Saturdays 11-3, and Sundays 11-3. This weekend, you can come and pick up some board game and gifts for Dad! 

Here are some of the top picks from our curators.

From Sean: "Memoir '44 - Maybe your dad's a bit of a history buff like mine, and maybe something a bit more strategic than Monopoly or Scrabble is in order. World War 2-themed Memoir '44 is a great place to get your armchair general started -- enough strategy to sink his teeth into, and plenty of replayability (not to mention a whole bunch of expansions) to keep him busy." $89.99 Click here to learn more about Memoir '44.

"Ticket to Ride is a modern classic that's great for the whole family, not just Dad. Players take on the role of rail barons trying to build their network of railways across North America, and gameplay lets everyone at the table decided whether they just want to hang back a bit and do their own thing or get right in Dad's way and spoil his plans -- perfect for lots of different ages and skill levels." $69.99 Click here to learn more about Ticket to Ride.

"Arkham Horror - What if Dad needs something with a little more meat to it? Something to challenge him where other games have failed... something, perhaps, to make him question his very sanity? Arkham Horror has you covered. Players choose their adventurer and enter a world of Lovecraftian horrors that will surely test their mettle. Dad's going to need all the help he can get..." $84.99 Click here to learn more about Arkham Horror. 


From Emma: "I recommend Uno for fathers day because it's the perfect family game for anyone wanting some friendly competition. Uno is the ultimate quick yet thrilling activity for families." $8.99 Click here to learn more about Uno.

"Looking for a memorable fathers day activity? Battle it out to be the ultimate King Of Tokyo! There's no better way to spend quality time with your family then as giant monsters pummeling each other for total control of the city!" $44.99 Click here to learn about King of Tokyo.

"My father has always been my hero. Unlock Heroic Adventures is the perfect gift for the hero dad in your life. This game has everything. Mystery, magic, and a little intrigue. It's perfect for those who like solving puzzles." $43.99 Click here to learn more about Unlock: Heroic Adventures.

From Liz:"My dad taught me how to play backgammon when I was a little kid, but we hadn’t played in years. Recently, he dug it out, and we spent the first few weeks of the pandemic battling for glory." $12.99. Click here to learn more about Solid Wood Backgammon.

"My dad and I are both big sci-fi nerds, so Terraforming Mars was an easy pick. It’s sort of like Catan in that you build projects to earn victory points, but instead of building roads and cities, you’re handling intergalactic commerce, industry and environment." $89.99 Click here to learn more about Terraforming Mars.

"Paranormal Detectives is super fun and creative, and it’s something my whole family would enjoy playing. One player takes on the role of a ghost, while everyone else become detectives trying to solve the ghost’s murder! The creative part is that the ghost can only communicate in specific ways- for example, drawing, tying knots, and playing image cards." $59.99 Click here to learn more about Paranormal Detectives. 

Escape Rooms

Whether you're physically distancing from your father or not, our escape rooms are a great way to bond. We've created three online escape rooms for you to play from home. All you need is an internet connection, and you will be guiding your game host through the physical space to solve your mission!

The three games we have available this weekend are:

  • Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission: One year has passed since the seven dwarves helped Snow White defeat the evil queen, and now they’ve retired to a quiet cottage deep in the forest. But happily ever after is never that easy, and evil is rising once again! The evil queen’s followers plan to use the poison apple to bring about her malevolent return. Snow White has tasked you to destroy the devious fruit once and for all, and rumour has it that the only way to rid the world of its evil is to cast it into the very centre of the earth. Click here to learn more. 
  • Neverland: Heist on the High Seas: Adventure on the high seas! The notorious Captain Hook has captured your group and locked you in the brig, deep in the bowels of The Jolly Roger. When dawn breaks the nefarious villain will make you walk the plank, but a new friend has offered you a way out… and she knows where Hook keeps his treasure map. While the crew sleeps you’ll take control of the ship, set a course for the second star to the right and head straight on ‘til morning! You have 60 minutes to dodge Hook’s clutches, find your way to Neverland and escape with riches untold. Click here to learn more.
  • The Cure for the Common Zombie: The zombie apocalypse moved surprisingly fast. It’s been months since a nuclear accident created a mutated strain of the common cold, unleashing an undead epidemic that spread like wildfire.  Billions are undead, society as we know it is gone, and the last survivors huddle in colonies where every day, the living learn to envy the dead.  One by one, the last bastions of humanity are being overrun. But there are rumours of a cure.  Wandering madmen, insane with desperation spread word of a research facility that might be mankind’s last hope, hidden in the most frozen reaches of the deadliest place on earth. Canada. You and your team are the human race’s last chance. Infiltrate the polar outpost, find the cure, and release it to save humanity. Click here to learn more.

We have games available all weekend long. Tip: book fast! Our escape rooms typically book up fairly quickly. 


Greeting Cards

In our opinion, the message inside a greeting card is the perfect way to deliver a meaningful gift. We have a few greeting cards you can choose from:

Trump Father's Day Card, $6.99. Click here to learn more.

Financial Burden Father's Day Card, $6.99. Click here to learn more.


If you're not able to make it in, we can deliver your gift straight to your dad! We're offering delivery 7 days a week. If it's ordered by 5 PM, we will deliver it the same day. Otherwise, if it's ordered after 5 PM, we will deliver it the next day. If you want to make an order for delivery on Father's Day, order now so you can guarantee your items, and choose "Deliver on Father's Day" when checking out!


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