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Star Wars Villainous - Asajj Ventress (1000 Piece Puzzle)

Count on double lightsabers for twice the fun puzzling our “Star Wars™ Villainous: Asajj Ventress” collage, where Dooku is doomed!

Taken as a child from her Dathomirian Nightsisters, forced into servitude, raised and mentored by a Jedi, then becoming an assassin of the Sith, force-sensitive Asajj Ventress serves as Count Dooku’s apprentice. When Palpatine becomes wary of her growing Force strength, he orders Dooku to eliminate her. In our alternate storyline, Mother Talzin’s dark powers kill Dooku. Asajj Ventress becomes Palpatine’s new apprentice, continuing her path on the Dark Side and taking her game mover with her!