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Naughty or Nice (60 Minutes)

Naughty or Nice is a fully immersive and customizable 60 minute escape room experience that can be built out at many different locations. The game was originally built out at a historic fort over Christmas-time. This game package outlines how to build the puzzles, decorate the set for a temporary game, choose the ideal location, and how to operate the game with and/or without a real Santa. All pieces of the set are able to be easily placed in any space and be removed at the end of the game’s run.


Players will unlock clues and solve puzzles in order to find the Naughty or Nice list in Santa’s Workshop so they can switch their name from the Naughty side to the Nice side. Once this is complete, teams must sneak out of the game unnoticed.


Toy making elf-workshop


Christmas is coming, and you desperately need the Mountain Master 5000™ - the newest, coolest, and fastest bike on the market!  

There’s just one problem.  As the weeks turn to days, and the days turn to hours, and Christmas draws closer and closer, one man throws a monkey wrench into your holiday plans:

You’re on Santa’s Naughty List.

How do you solve this Christmas conundrum and clear your not-so-good name?  There’s no time for apologies or making amends. Charity work is for suckers and you can’t un-kick all those puppies. There’s only one thing left to do: sneak into Santa’s Toy Workshop, scratch your name out, and forge yourself onto the Nice List, all right under his jolly nose.

You only have 60 minutes until Santa’s sleigh takes flight. Make it count.

Staff Requirements:

Only one game host is required to run this game. Their main job is to explain the rules of the room, the backstory of the game, and to greet them at the end, regardless of escape or not.

This game can also be run with an actor playing the role of Santa Claus. This adds magic to the game and we recommend it be run this way. Santa will be a part of the game play for the second room if he is in the game.

Space Requirements:

In order to run this game effectively, you must either have a two room space or one room big enough to split into two. The game does have some large props. Because of this, we recommend each room to be at least 10’x10’. Increase the size of the game with the amount of maximum players.

Length of game/ Reset:

The game is 60 minutes escape room experience.

The number of players:

The game is designed for a minimum of 2 players with a maximum of 10. Due to the number of puzzle streams in each room, this game is well equipped to handle groups as large as 10 players.

You will receive the package within 24 hours of purchase.