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Monopoly Fortnite Flip Edition

Flip. Outsmart. Survive. In this Monopoly Flip Edition: Fortnite game, it's not about what a player owns—it's about how long they can survive! But watch out! This is the Flip Edition of the Monopoly Fortnite game, which means players can flip island tiles on the gameboard to reveal hazards and bring more chaos and excitement to their battle royale than ever before! As players make their way around the board, they'll claim familiar Fortnite locations and battle opponents. Be the last player standing when all other players have run out of Health Points to win! This strategy board game amps up the fun on Family Game Night, and it's a great gift for teens and fans of Fortnite.


FORTNITE-INSPIRED MONOPOLY GAME: Flip. Outsmart. Survive. In this Monopoly Flip Edition: Fortnite board game, it's not about what players own—it's about how long they can survive
FLIP TILES TO CHANGE BOARD: The dynamic gameboard includes 8 island tiles that flip to change the board and reveal well-known Fortnite locations, hazards, and more. Watch out for a damage trap!
BUILD A LOADOUT: Each player chooses a Loadout card with a Permanent Item on it that lends them an advantage over other players. Store Loot Chest items there and use them to attack or heal
ACTIVATE SPECIAL ACTIONS: Roll the action die to boost Health Points, target opponents, and draw Game Mode cards that unleash the Storm
BE LAST PLAYER STANDING: In this battle royale, players earn and lose Health Point (HP) chips instead of Monopoly money. Players who lose their last HP are out! Be the last player with HP to win
COOL GIFT FOR FORTNITE FANS: Looking for gifts for Fortnite fans? This Fortnite-themed Monopoly game is a great choice, and it's an exciting family board game for teens and adults

2-4 players 
Ages 13+
Classic Family Game with a twist