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Love Letter Lockdown (60 Minute Family Friendly Game)

Love Letter Lockdown is a fully immersive and customizable 60-minute escape room experience. The game has well over 100 combined, 5-star reviews on Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Google reviews. This game package outlines how to build and implement the puzzles, create a fully immersive set, and how to operate the game. It also includes a comprehensive game hosting manual.

★★★★★ Reviewed 16 May 2017- On TripAdvisor by Brisan2012

If you like games, you will like this!

We are a family of four, ranging in age from mid-thirty to mid seventy. This was the first time for any of us participating in an Escape Room adventure. It was such a fun, fast hour and we would definitely do one again. It is not physically challenging but it sure tests your mind. We worked as a team and individually ... spent a bit too long on a couple of dead-ends but in the end, it was so rewarding to solve an issue and move on... Our scenario was the "Love Letter Lock Down" and the room was well lit and not scary ... just in case you wondered! I would highly recommend this for team building, family fun, date night, couples and friends ... and just about anyone with a sense of adventure!


Watson Elementary School: Home of Whodini


Remember your first crush? How you desperately wanted them to know you? You’ve decided that you will be brave and write a note to your crush. After slipping the note into their locker, you realize this was a terrible mistake. With the help from your best friends, you try to break into the locker, but you get caught. To detention, you go! Will you be able to get the note out of the locker before your crush finds it?

Staff Requirements:

Only one game host is required to run the game. Their main job is to explain the rules of the room, the backstory of the game, and to greet them at the end, regardless of escape or not.

A full description of the game hosts job is in the Game Hosting Manual near the end of the document.

Space Requirements:

The game requires three rooms. This game can be built out to specifications or can be fit into an existing space. We recommend at least 300 sq ft of space for this game.

Length of game/ Reset:

The game is a 60 minutes escape room experience. Reset is 5 minutes. To keep reset as short as possible, fasten down most objects that aren’t used for puzzles. We recommend doing this as it shortens reset, and props will be damaged less often.

The number of players:

This game is designed for a minimum of 2 players with a maximum of 8. Due to the number of puzzle streams in the room, this game is well equipped to handle groups as large as 8 players.

You will receive a game package within 48 hours of purchase via email.

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