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Lorcana: Shimmering Skies - Booster Box (Pre-order)

It’s time for fun and revelry! The celebration has just begun, and you’re invited! You’ll gather with Illumineers and glimmers near the Great Illuminary for games, food, music, dancing, and more. The guest list includes new faces like Wreck-It Ralph and his pixelated pals from Litwak’s Arcade as well as Elsa, Anna, and Olaf fresh from their most recent adventure into the Enchanted Forest. It’s an event the realm will always remember.

In Shimmering Skies, the realm of Lorcana holds a great festival to celebrate its recent victory over Ursula, achieved in the previous set, Ursula’s Return. While most of Lorcana participates in the vibrant, fun-filled activities, a new mystery begins as our Illumineers search for a way to repair the worsening damage the Ursula glimmer caused to the Great Illuminary.

The Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game set Shimmering Skies will be available for in-store pick up on August 9th, 2024. Items purchased with shipping will arrive on August 23rd, 2024.

Booster packs contain twelve random cards from Disney Lorcana: Shimmering Skies. Use booster packs to build and customize your deck with abilities and characters beyond those found in starter decks.

The booster box contains 24 booster packs.