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Become the new Master Builder of the Kingdom! First, you’ll have to impress the monarchy by constructing powerful edifices that will stand the test of time. Get assistance from some of the kingdom’s experts like the Architect, the Merchant, and the Warlord. Each character has a special ability that can give you an edge. Each round you will secretly choose one or more characters to help you out. Can you anticipate which characters the competition took?

Watch out for the Assassin and the Thief! One can steal all your gold before you can use it, and one will end your turn before it starts. Pay gold to construct District cards. The cost of the building also denotes its point value at the end of the game. Try and build one of each of the five types for a bonus! You have to double and triple guess your opponents. Who did they pick? Are they gunning for you this round? It’s a combination of press-your-luck and hidden identity in Citadels.

  • 2-8 players
  • 20-60 minute playing time
  • Ages 10+
  • Category: Medieval City-building/Bluffing Card Game