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Anarchy Pancakes

 Prepare to laugh loud and get messy as you flip, match, and slap your way to victory!

Start by dealing out the pancake cards with misfit toppings. Then match your toppings with other players’ toppings to get rid of your pancakes. Everyone plays at once– no turns, just chaos!
But hurry, the goal is to get rid of all your pancakes as fast as possible. Once you do, scream “Anarchy Pancakes!” to win the round. You’ll get one Slab o’ Butter for every round won, and the first player with two slabs wins!  
It’s easy to learn, and fast to play. Perfect for game nights in, getting the party started, or taking on the go!


  • 31 Six-Topping Cards (multiple icons per card)
  • 31 One-Topping Cards (one icon per card)
  • 9 Slabs o' Butter Tokens
  • Plus, one instruction manual that you will probably skim

  • Number of Players: 2-6 Players
  • Playing Time: 5 minutes
  • Recommended Ages: 7+