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Albert Einstein (500-piece Puzzle)

The Genius Games Scientist Puzzle Series features the likenesses of exemplary individuals in their fields. In this volume, assemble a portrait of the man who changed how we understand the cosmos.
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was an inquisitive German-born mathematician and physicist who had the audacity to reenvision time and space. Best known for his general and special theories of relativity and for formulating the famous E=MC², he profoundly altered our understanding of the relationship between matter and energy.
In 1919, Einstein’s general relativity supplanted Newtonian physics by more accurately predicting measurements related to an eclipse.
In 1921, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect as the scientific community was still coming to grips with his nuanced account of the universe.
Einstein’s work prefigured the development of atomic power and weaponry and would redirect the scientific community towards quantum theory.

  • 500 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Illustration by Mark Marturello

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