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The Prohibition: Gangsters vs Police

The Prohibition: Gangsters vs. Police is a fully immersive and customizable portable escape room experience that is designed to be ran on conventions floors or during other large events. This game package outlines how the game can be created for events of different lengths and spaces. The game is designed to be played in a large open space or in a venue with multiple rooms. The puzzles in the game can also be easily placed in a regular hour-long experience.

Prohibition-era Chicago

Choose your side!

The year is 1932, and the National Prohibition Act by order of the United States District Court is in effect. The police have developed a task force to put an end to Al Capone and the speakeasies. Choose your allegiance: are you one of the notorious gangsters running the bootleg underground, or are
you a part of the task force who will eliminate these dangerous criminals forever?

The Prohibition-era was the most notorious period in Chicago history. The city was full of dangerous gangsters, crooked cops, and flagrant lawbreakers. Are you clever enough to claim the bootleg alcohol for your side?

Staff Requirements:

This game requires 2 actors that are also game masters. The first game master (GM) will be in charge of monitoring sign-ups, welcoming teams, explaining the game, and finishing the game experience. The second GM will be part of a puzzle and be in charge of supervising the game floor. Both are equally in charge of facilitating the game during regular play and providing hints.

Space Requirements:

This game is appropriate for most indoor and outdoor spaces. There are no changes to the game when the game floor space increases or decreases.

Length of Game/ Reset:

This game takes approximately 45 minutes if played consecutively. However, it is designed to be played while doing other things at the same time, such as exploring a convention floor or going around a festival. Because of this, teams may take anywhere between 45 minutes to several hours depending on their style of play. Some teams will solve puzzles as they come across them, and some teams will seek out and find all the puzzles immediately. This game does not have any reset. Let teams know the time the game ends (i.e. when the booth will be closed) when they begin the game. This will eliminate any teams playing after the pop-up game has ended. For the teams that play to completion, not many people should lose. Please note that many teams may start the game and not return to complete the entirety of the experience.

The number of players:

Hundreds of teams can play over the course of a day.

Within 24 hours of purchasing this game, you will receive a file via email/dropbox.