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Jail Break (10 Minute Game)

You robbed a bank and you’ve been incarcerated for the past 7 months. After eating the food and avoiding the shower you’ve decided that this life just isn’t for you. You’ve successfully bribed a prison guard to look the other way while you steal his keys and escape.

This can be a children’s game.

These games are designed to be brought to any location and set up easily. 10-minute games with 5 minute reset for between 2-6 players. Bonus content of why we designed things the way we designed them. Pop-up games do not need to break the bank and there are easy ways to make them look good and be really fun. Full of puzzle ideas! Pop up games can increase revenue, be a great source of marketing, and allows you to bring the product to customers.


Escaping from a prison cell


A jail cell is set up in a room, with a fake jail guard sitting 6 feet away from the cell. When the teams are in the cell, the door is latched and locked. The keys are shown to the players then placed loosely on the fake prison guard’s belt.

Number of Players:

2-5 (hard limit 6)



Space Requirements:

8x8 empty space

Staff Requirements:

This game requires 2 game hosts. One game host should be in charge of monitoring signups, welcoming teams, explaining the game, and taking the team picture at the end. The second game host should be resetting the game, and monitoring the game while players are inside.

Length of Game/Reset Time:

The length of this game is 10 minutes followed by a 2-3 minute reset time.

After purchase, you will receive a PDF document within 48 hours. This plan includes build plans.