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Use the Wallet to Stay Out of Jail!

The party's over - the cops are about to storm the penthouse and you're all as guilty as sin. But not all is lost: The crime boss forgot his wallet, and it may be the key to your escape!

In Wallet, compete to find an ID that'll convince the cops you're innocent. Take some money too... just watch how much, or you'll look suspicious! The fast-paced game is played using an actual wallet with multiple pockets and zippered areas that allow you to bluff your opponents or lead them into traps. Time is ticking - with every turn, you and the other partygoers are getting closer to facing the police!

At the end of the night, will you be heading to the precinct in the paddy wagon, or planning for the next party?

  • 2-7 players
  • 30 minute playing time
  • Ages 8+
  • Category: Bluffing/Card Game

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