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The Sherlock Files: Puzzling Plots

Are you a modern mastermind detective?

The Sherlock Files: Puzzling Plotsincludes three new confounding cases for you to solve. First, you will track down a man who vanished during his shift at the cemetery. Next, you will pursue the truth of what happened to a fabulously rich butler. Finally, you will hunt down the man behind the wheel of a suspicious hit-and-run.

Decipher clues to determine which are relevant to the case and which are not. Share what you deem relevant with your detective partners. Which theories will you chase?

How will you fare compared to the world’s greatest detective? Work together to solve each case and find out!

  • 1-8 players
  • 40-60 minute playing time
  • Ages 14+
  • Category: Deduction Mystery Card Game

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