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Scribblish | Board Game Rental

The hilarious scribbling game of "How did THIS become THAT?"

Grab your pencils and get ready to giggle. Everyone chooses a caption and draws a picture. You all then take turns adding drawings or captions. At the end can you guess which picture was yours when you started? Which one is funniest? Vote for your favorite to win!

CRANIUM SCRIBBLISH includes six scrolls, 60 cards, timer, pad, die, tokens and instructions.

  • 4-6 players
  • 20 minutes playtime
  • Ages 8+

This listing is to rent an open copy of this game. The rental cost is $10.50/3 days. Rent 2 games for $15.75/3 days. Add additional days at $3.50/day per item (or less if you're renting multiple items!). Pickups and returns must be between 12PM-1PM, or 5PM-6PM daily. We can accommodate other times only by request. This item cannot be delivered, it can only be picked up at Improbable Escapes: Wonderland.