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Risk | Board Game Rental

Welcome to the world of Risk. It’s exciting. It’s unpredictable. It’s all about battling your way to global domination, 1 territory at a time. And it’s easy to get into the game, fast! In the Risk game, you focus on your strategy. You decide on your tactical scheme. You figure out where to place your troops, and who and where you will attack and how often. Every move is a risk that will bring either victory or defeat. Go for the win!

Choose from 3 exciting ways to play the game of Risk! The Introductory game is fun and specially designed for beginners. It is shorter and easier to learn. The Classic game is for Risk veterans who want to customize their game by selecting their own starting territories. It’s all about strategy. The 2-person game plays just like the other games except it is adapted for you and just 1 friend. It’s a head-to-head competition to take control of the world. Show that you’ve got the strategy, power, and luck!

This listing is to rent an open copy of this game. The rental cost is $10.50/3 days. Rent 2 games for $15.75/3 days. Add additional days at $3.50/day per item (or less if you're renting multiple items!). Pickups and returns must be between 12PM-1PM, or 5PM-6PM daily. We can accommodate other times only by request. This item cannot be delivered, it can only be picked up at Improbable Escapes: Wonderland.