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Meffert's Puzzle: Pyraminx Difficulty Level 7/10

The Pyraminx was invented in the early 1970s, by Uwe Meffert, making it the first puzzle to be produced by Meffert’s! When it was invented it was simply an interest, but the worldwide success of the Rubik’s Cube brought the Pyraminx into production.

The Pyraminx can be rotated around any of its vertices by multiples of 120. This makes it hard enough to be a real challenge, but easy enough to master, without help, in a few days. It has precision injection moulded parts and spring-loaded bearings which make operation easy and exact.

The idea of the puzzle is to scramble the colours and then return them to the initial state of four single-coloured sides. It is theoretically possible to solve the Pyraminx from any of those positions in 12 moves or less, but in actuality, it should take about 20 moves once you have mastered it!


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