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Keyforge Winds of Exchange Adventures: Fall of the House Gormangeist

You and fellow Archons have recently received a mysterious invitation delivered by a strange hooded creature making odd clanking noises. 

Filigreed and Æmber-lettered, it graciously asks that you attend an event of no small magnificence at an old estate near Diremouth, a distant, mostly forgotten part of the Crucible. It seems suspicious. Yet the invite is strangely alluring, and there is the promise of Æmber. 

Fall of the House Gormangeist is the third installment in the KeyForge Adventures series in which players bring a KeyForge deck to work together in overcoming the obstacles and challenges presented in each adventure. 

In Fall of the House Gormangeist 1-3 players must face the dangers of an ancient mansion with a strange history. Here, they will fight to survive the onslaught of ghastly things to uncover the strange evil that lies at the heart of House Gormangeist.

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