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House of Slaughter (10 Minute Horror Experience)

House of Slaughter is a fully immersive and customizable portable escape room experience. This game package outlines how the game can be created for events of different lengths, purposes, and experience levels of local players. It also details how to run from 1 pod up to 3 pods at the same time.


Haunted Carnival


Corrupted and decaying carnival tent


STEP RIGHT UP and visit the House of Slaughter! The carnival master is putting on a great magic show, and can't wait for you to try all of his carnevil games. However, things aren't always as they seem. If you're not careful, the price of admission may be your life…

Staff Requirements:

This game requires 1 game host. The game host will be in charge of monitoring signups, welcoming teams, explaining the game, supervising the game during play, and giving hints.

Space Requirements:

A single pod requires an 8’x8’ or 10’x10’ of empty space depending on the tent you select (see the order sheet). If running three pods at the same time a 24’x8’ space is required.

Length of game/reset:

The game is 10 minutes long with most teams taking 8-11 minutes. Reset should be under 20 seconds. It is recommended to allow all teams the time to escape. Not many people should lose.

Number of players:

4 suggested; a higher number is possible but not recommended (per pod)

You will receive package within 48 hours of purchase.