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Hasbro Gaming Summer Road Trip Game In A Portable Case, Connect 4 & Clue

This Special Edition Hasbro Gaming Summer Road Trip set includes 2 iconic Hasbro Games each in their own convenient and sleek portable case. Players can open the case, begin gameplay, pause the game and close the case, then open it again later to pick up where they left off!

Connect 4
- This game will have players wanting to keep an eye out for the colors of the cars they see because the exclusive Road Trip Rule gives players an additional turn if they see a car matching their disc color

-  Contents: Game Case, 21 Red Discs, 21 Yellow Discs, Game Rules

- 2 players

- Recommended for ages 6+

- Players eliminate information to discover the Who, What, and Where to win this travel edition of the Clue game

- Contents: Game Case, 6 Plastic Pawns, 19 Cards, 2 Dice, 13 Plastic Room & Character Pegs, 6 Miniature Plastic Weapon Pegs, Game Rules

- 3-6 players

- Recommended for ages 8+

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