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Archie: Running 'Round Riverdale

Running 'Round Riverdale has everyone playing their favourite characters from the Archie comics. The dismissal bell has rung at Riverdale High, and players try to outwit each other as they race to be the first to reach Pop Tate's Choclit Shoppe. The best part is you get to choose from 18 characters to build your own gang of three to race for the win!

Players use cards to move forward or backward spaces and movement cards can also be played on other players. Special cards can be played to send players back to their home position, swap places with the lead player, re-shuffle all the cards and other "Dirty Tricks" that keep the whole gang guessing.

The first player to get all three of their friends around the board and into Pop Tate's Choclit Shoppe is the winner. But it's not easy because entering the finish line has to be done on an exact count, so managing your cards is important!

  • 25-45 minute playing time
  • Ages 7+
  • Category: Family Card/Hand Management Game

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